what price quality? probably, a lot less than you thought

Forgive us for asking, but do you have a budget in mind?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to spend every penny you have but rather to design and supply a quality product and service within your price range.

You’ll find we’re very transparent when it comes to costs and the last thing we’ll do is sell you something you don’t need.

That said, if there is something which you’ve really set your heart on – granite worktops or the ultimate in high spec appliances – then we can find a solution to make your dreams affordable.

Our kitchens start from around £5,000 (and that’s fully fitted, by the way) to whatever your heart desires.

What we will suggest is that when you’re shopping around, make sure you compare our prices ‘like-for-like’ and we think you’ll be surprised just what you get for your money at Insignia. We’ll even go one step further and say that we’ll better any genuine like-for-like quotation.*

As with everything we do, our approach to pricing is open and friendly, so why not come and have a chat about your new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

*Like-for-like quotations must be of the same specification of materials, appliances, fixtures and fitting.



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