introducing…the new addition to your home

When we have listened to your requirements, understood your specifications and worked on your layout, we’ll invite you back over to our showroom so we can present our designs.

The simple reason for asking you back in is so that we can show you the materials we are proposing, the appliances we have in mind and the opportunity for you to look at any alternatives which may be worthy of consideration

We have invested in a CAD system which generates photo-realistic renderings of the designs, meaning the presentation will be as close to the finished article as you can get without actually constructing it!

At this stage, we can also go through the pricing in detail: if we have exceeded your budget, perhaps we can offer alternatives to still achieve the desired effect.

The presentation of your new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom designs is an exciting moment, one we’d like you to enjoy and remember.

You can be guaranteed there’s no hard sell to endure - what we can guarantee is a friendly presentation over a cup of tea or coffee.

As with everything with Insignia, the choice is down to your personal preference.



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